Detail of Laboratories

Preservation and Conservation Design



Regents professor

  • Shiro OUCHIDA: Associate Professor


  • Modern Architecture
  • Historic Buildings
  • Preservation and Conservation
  • Railway Architecture

Topics of research
  • History of Modern Architecture
  • Theory and Practice of Preservation and Conservation Design
  • Preservation and Conservation Design of Railway Architecture
Research content

In recent years, preservation and conservation design is very important. The target is broad from World heritage and important cultural properties in Japan to renovation of old houses. Techniques and approaches vary greatly as well. It is necessary to consider preservation and conservation design from both aspects of theory and practice.
In such a situation, our laboratory is investigating how to design for the preservation and conservation of modern architecture. As our main activity, we do an actual survey and a study of the methods used in revitalizing a work of modern architecture.
For example, in 2015, we investigated the lobby of the Hotel Okura Tokyo (designed by Yoshiro Taniguchi), which was torn down in 2015, and we are investigating the Imperial Hotel (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright), which was reconstructed at the Museum Meiji-Mura in Inuyama city about 30 years ago, with Waseda University.