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About KOGAKUIN Principles and Characteristics of University
Principles of Kogakuin University

Principles of Kogakuin University

Aiming at technology for supporting sustainable society

Humankind is facing a big task right now.

The task that we needs to aim at sustainable society which guarantee safety and welfare of humankind by suppressing the usage of limited resources-energy, and protecting global environment and life of living being. Technology has unlimited possibilities and plays a big role to achieve this. In the 21st century, we, Kogakuin University suggests and works aggressively for developing the technology which supports sustainable society, with fully utilizing our past achievements and extensive basic research.

The rules related to objectives on educational research was modified in April 2009.

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Characteristics of Kogakuin University

1. Develop globally active technicians

Without borders, great technology spreads around the world quickly.
In this information age, it became even faster with computer network.
This situation also applies for technicians.
Having capabilities, technicians can work in many fields not only domestically but globally.

Kogakuin University aims to develop technicians who have established identities as technicians and are professionals in exerting their capabilities under any circumstances..

Based on the principals, our education system consists of expanded academic disciplines on curriculum in all departments, not only to acquire knowledge and skills in particular field but to strengthen language ability and understand morals as technicians etc..
This system is aimed to cultivate indispensable capabilities for future technicians.

A path towards professionals who work globally in technology world…we Kogakuin University educates you from the first step.

2. Supported by 123 years of history and over 90,000 graduate.

This year, Kogakuin University welcomes 123 years since the founding in 1887.
Meanwhile, we have over 90,000 graduate.
The history shows nothing but continuous achievements and we have been highly evaluated in society.

Our graduates have been working actively in various engineering fields and proved their capabilities for more than a century.
With their constant efforts, our university is renowned for successful employment.

The graduates also prove that our original educational policy to develop technicians was right.
This policy has been taken over to date and strongly reflected in curriculums.

You can overtake graduate or develop new field on their own, or exert your capability in the area with different culture.With the support of the graduates, our university is waiting for another student to make a legend.

3.From creating a product to image-building in 147 laboratories

Graduation thesis is the last formal requirement in University.
Students are required to choose, research on the theme and compile it as a thesis.
The laboratory is not solely equipped with the environment for research but it's the place for developing universal ability to identify the true nature of the subject and get to solution.

At present, Kogakuin University has 147 laboratories, in which creates products, investigates structures of products, images shape of products etc.
The laboratories consist of varieties of themes in extensive fields from basic to applied study.

The advantage of having large numbers of laboratories is you can research the subject you wish.
On top of that, with having small-group guidance, sometimes you can have one-to-one discussion with professor.
This small-group guidance also contributes on expanding personal relationship with other students.
Laboratory is the place for you to truly cultivate yourself.