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We provide an environment where students can have more fun and enjoy their time.


The two libraries on the Shinjuku and Hachioji campuses have a combined collection of about 50,000 books and 2,500 journals. In addition, students can enjoy watching movies or listening to CDs in the individual booths in the adjacent AV libraries. Students also have access to the libraries of 13 affiliated science and engineering universities.

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Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center was established to reate an academic environment where students ould study with greater joy and confidence. Focusing on the basic subjects that form the foundation of specialized learning at the university (math, physics, chemistry, and English), the center offers basic classes aimed at helping students organically connect subjects they may not have adequately studied at the high school level with the university's course content. It also offers personal assistance by the center's instructors who can address students' individual questions (group sessions also available).

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