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This is the actual base of the Research Institute for Science and Technology for tackling various research assignments.

Kogakuin University is equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities that many companies rely on for research services. These facilities are used for a wide range of activities, including class work, research by the university's educators and students, as well as joint research with corporate partners.

Research Institute for Science and Technology: Research Center for Urban Disaster Mitigation (UDM)

In this center's large force application lab, researchers conduct outstanding experiments, including examining the destruction of actual large buildings and confirming the safety properties of architectural structures.

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Research Institute for Science and Technology: Nano Structured urface and Interface Research Center (NASIC)

NASIC is equipped to enable research to be conducted on a nanoscale (units of 1/1 billion of a meter).

Functional Microstructured Surfaces Research Center (FMS)

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Collaborative Open Research Center (CORC)

This facility promotes joint research with corporations and government agencies, with university professors serving as lead researchers on those projects.

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Techno Creation Center (TECC)

Engineering advisors with extensive real-world experience with manufacturers and other organizations guide research at this facility, which boasts the latest machinery tools, including a wire-electrical discharge machine, surface grinder, and CAD/CAM.