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For those who want to become a teacher, we provide teacher training programs in all faculties, and students may also take courses after graduation to earn a teaching license.

Teacher training program

Our teacher training program has two systems, conventional `teaching training program' for enrolled students and for the graduates from other universities who aim to be a teacher. We are one of the few universities in the whole country carrying out this program.

Teacher training program - The system for enrolled students

Now about 1,000 graduates are working as a teacher in junior/high school nationwide.Comparing with other universities of engineering, we have many kinds of certificates available.With credited auditors system, you can also make up a short of credit even after graduation

Teacher training special program - The system for the graduates from other graduate, only a few number is available in the whole country.

We have 1 year of teacher training special course for the graduates from other university aiming to be a teacher. (student quotas: 50students)Since credits acquired at other universities are diverse, we have an individual interview for study guidance every year.Currently only a few universities offer this system which is able to study necessary subjects for teaching certificate in one year, and students are satisfied with the substantial classes.New students are not only degree holder but one quarter of the new students are master or doctor degree holders. Their high motivation to learn are giving good influences on other students.

Credited auditors

Credited auditors is the system to expand the opportunity of learning opportunities for working adults etc.With this system, a degree will be granted if the graduates from junior college, technical college, and vocational training school obtained required number of credits and also passed the examination that is organized by institutes of university evaluation/degree conferment.Although credited auditor system is applicable for all the subjects and not limited for teaching training program and curatorial practice course, 90% of the applicants use this system to acquire these certificates.Comparing with other universities, we actively welcome credited auditors and we are playing an important role to offer learning opportunities for working adults.

About credited auditors in our university

Our credited auditors system allows you to choose the subject you wish from all the subjects offered (Excluding seminar/experiment/workshop) in Faculty of Engineering Division I, Informatics, Global Engineering, Engineering Division II (class hours 18:00-21:00)Every year, many working adult and people who aims to get teaching certificates are studying mostly at conveniently-located Shinjuku campus.