Production Engineering Laboratory

Hideki TAKEZAWA: Professor

In Production Engineering laboratory, a precision machining and the function control of metal materials are studied.
Hihg energy beam machining such as Electrical Discarge Machining and Laser Machining are used.
Machinig materials are hard and brittle materials.
Those materials are very difficult with toraditional machining.
Now we study,
1) surface flux density patterning of permanent magnet by beam machining,
2) surface treatment on the steel by Electrical Discharge Machining,
3) development of a high-speed micro Electrical Discharge Machining.
We will study new machining technique and elucidation of a machining phenomenon from now on.

Topics of research
  • Precision Shape Machining by Rotation Axis Grant Wire-EDM
  • The effect of deep hole EDM with grooved electrode
  • EDM characteristics of binderless cemented carbide
keyword Precision Machining / Electrical Discharge Machining / Laser Machining

Graduate School of Engineering