Advanced Nano-Processing Engineering

Kazuhito NISHIMURA: Professor

Diamonds have been used in the field of cutting-edge technology as functional materials for having the highest hardness, good thermal conductivity and chemical stability, In particular, is positioned as the ultimate material of ultra-precision machining tool. Diamond tool, has been used in ultra-precision machining tools in a wide range of fields ranging from consumer electronics product from space and biotechnology. The new technology in these fields are being developed day to day so does the specifications of tools need be updated constantly, and the accuracy of the new developed tools is being required more severely.
Because of Diamond’s high hardness, it can be processed and remove efficiently by applying the chemical reaction and high-energy laser, etc., but it is difficult to reach the surface roughness at the nanometers level. In order to develop the ultra-precision diamond tools, our research lab are developing the new molding apparatus for reducing the impact, further development of diamond cutting tool with a contour accuracy around several tens of nm will be occurred at this laboratory in the near future.
In addition, we are also working on the development of the heat sink using a diamond. This is essential for radiation in the high-performance LSI used in satellites and automobiles; in addition to the requirement of heat diffusion capacity of it is times higher than the copper’s, the thermal expansion coefficient closed to the semiconductor and surface flatness is required. We have developed the processing technology and surface diamond composite materials to meet these demands.

Topics of research

"Constant dropping wears the stone."
Play with Diamond with the cutting-edge technology.
Explore the frontier Application!

  • Development of advanced processing engineering for functional material
  • Develop the synthesis technology for functional diamond material
  • Improvement the surface property for the diamond material
  • Develop the ultra precision diamond tools
  • Develop the high wheel angle forming device
keyword Diamond / Machinability / Nano-Processing / Surfaces property

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