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Detail of Laboratories

Sports Fluid Mechanics Laboratory


Mechanical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Shinichiro ITO: Professor
  • Sports
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Flow visualization
  • Wind tunnel

Topics of research

Crosswind effect for bicycle racing
Difference of the factors of erratic path balls on between volley balls and soccer balls
Aerodynamic characteristics and radiant heat performance
of the helmet for bicycle races

Research content

Sports Fluid Mechanics Laboratory studies sports from a viewpoint of fluid mechanics. Through high-level measurement techniques and the constructive adoption of computer simulations, this laboratory performs research concerning the application of fluid mechanics in sports, the utilization of fluid dynamic forces in sports and biomimetics, the engineering application for the movement of animals in nature. The Sports Fluid Mechanics Laboratory comprises 2 wind tunnels, including a smoke wind tunnel. One of them is a devices for PC controlled measuring flow velocities, infinitesimal pressures and others, and 2 small water tunnel which can be used for performing various experiments. 3D-dynamic PIV system are utilized on these apparati for measuring the flow field. The laboratory performs practical research, such as aerodynamic specifications of soccer balls and volley balls and basic research of boundary layer. We can design ball panels of these balls. Moreover, fluid mechanical research concerning flight of birds and insects, swimming of fish are performed with the aim of application of biomimetics.