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Detail of Laboratories

Intellectual Machine Laboratory


Mechanical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Takashi KANAMARU: Associate Professor
  • Smartphones/Tablets
  • Image processing
  • Neural networks
  • Nonlinear dynamics

Topics of research

*Utilizing smartphones and talbets for information processing.

*Modeling the brain dynamics based on nonlinear physics.

*Controlling robots based on neural information processing.

*Image processing for vehicles.

Research content

[Theoretical research]
Recently, in the physiological experiments of the brain, dynamical behaviors such as "oscillation and synchronization", "correlation of pulses", and "chaos" are reported by many researchers. We are trying to understand these rich and complex dynamics of brain using "nonlinear physics" and "statistical physics".

Based on theoretical researches, we develop some information processing systems. We are developing a image processing system for vehicles. Using the results of the image processing, we try to control some robots. As an OS for this control, android OS is utilized.