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Detail of Laboratories

Microsystems Laboratory


Mechanical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Kenji SUZUKI : Professor
  • Biologically Inspired Robot
  • Surface Tension
  • MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)
  • Micro Tribology

Topics of research
  • Insect-Inspired Robot (Water Strider Robot, Wall Climibing Robot, Flapping Wing Robot, Jumping Robot, etc.)
  • Liquid Droplet Manipulation Using Electrowetting on Dielectric (EWOD)
  • Functional Micro/Nano-Structured Surfaces
Research content

The goal of the Microsystems Laboratory is to understand features of locomotion, mechanics, sensing, actuation and control systems of insects or other small animals, and to harness them to create novel micro-scale robots and devices. The lab's current research is centered on insect-inspired locomotive mechanisms, such as wall-climbing, moving on water, jumping, and flapping-flight. Micromechanical parts for these robots with functional microstructured surfaces are fabricated using MEMS techniques.