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Detail of Laboratories

Vehicle Dynamics and Control Laboratory


Mechanical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Hiromichi NOZAKI : Professor
  • Vehicle dynamics and control
  • Driving simulator
  • Driver-vehicle system
  • Maneuverability and stability

Topics of research
  • Research of maneuver characteristic by newly developed driving simulator
  • New steer method control
  • Maneuverability and stability analysis of driver-vehicle system
  • Steering assistance control in critical cornering and emergency evading
Research content

In laboratory, there is driving simulator that the drift cornering is possible. This experiment device develops in cooperation with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and applies for international patent. With this device,the control technique for vehicle movement performance improvement are researched. The research is advanced cooperating with vehicle company. The development of "New steering method control based on driving situations" which can be safely driven even in an inexperienced driver is advanced. By how to turn the steering wheel, whether it is usual cornering or emergency evasion steering wheel operation is distinguished, and evasion performance of accident has been improved by controlling the degree by which the movement of front wheel is quickened. By the driving simulator experiment, it was confirmed. In addition, the critical cornering performance improvement by controlling the inclination of wheel like motorcycle is examined. The research of steer-by-wire and the suspension control which uses model vehicle of remote-controlled type and compact electric vehicle is advanced.