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Detail of Laboratories

Engine Research Laboratory


Mechanical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Junya TANAKA : Professor
  • Automobile
  • Emission
  • Internal combustion engine
  • Bio fuel

Topics of research
  • Investigation into novel engine system
  • with alternative fuels and bio fuels for automobile.
Research content
  • The objectives of the resarch are to reduce the pollutant emissions
    from automobile and small engines with aletenative fuels
    and bio fuels and to improve thermal efficiency with them.
    Resarch activities include taking measurements on dynamometers experimentally.
  • Resarch focus
    :Deisel engines with neat bio fuel for practical use
    :SI engines with bio ethanol and hydrogen
    :Investigation into characteristic of jet behaveior with DME
    :Instanteneous emission bihavior at engine start