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Detail of Laboratories

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory


Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Shinji NAGUMO : Professor
  • Eiko YASUI : Associate Professor
  • Natural product synthesis
  • acyclic stereocontrol method
  • tandem-cyclization

Topics of research
  • (1) Synthesis of polycyclic natural products based on the new tandem-cyclization that we originally developed.
  • (2) Synthesis of macrolide antibiotics based on acyclic stereocontrol methods.
Research content

Our research interest is directed toward the syntheses of natural products that show remarkable biological activities and have unique structures.Current target are cortistatin A, arenicolide A, sekothrixide, tedanolide, venturicidin and so on. We also take an interest in cation reactions constructing medium-sized rings and polycyclic structures facilely.