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Detail of Laboratories

Air Quality & Aerosol Engineering Laboratory


Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Norikazu NAMIKI: Professor
  • aerosol
  • air quality
  • air purification
  • volatile organic compound

Topics of research

(1) Abatement of VOCs in exhaust gas from plants by spraying APA solution
(2) Characterization of SOAs (secondary organic aerosols) in indoor environments
(3) Application of ultrasonic mist to particle generators and air purifiers
(4) Characterization of PM2.5 emission from flue gas of stationary sources
(5) Evaluation of dynamic behaviros of environmental tobacco smoke in workplaces

Research content

We refer to solid and/or liquid particles dispersed in gas phase as 'aerosol'. Our lab deals with behavior of aerosol particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from various sorts of anthropogenic sources including indoor sources, incinerators and plants, and propose their treatment technologies suitable for each application.