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Detail of Laboratories

Food Chemical Engineering Laboratory


Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Masaharu YAMADA : Professor
  • Kenjiro SUGIYAMA, Lecturer
  • food processing
  • plant nutritient science
  • wheat flour
  • plant physiology

Topics of research
  • (1) Chemical analysis and characterization on flavor of foods
  • (2) Improvement of physicochemical properties of starches using interaction with an amino compound
  • (3) Analysis and Quantification on aging of foods
  • (4) Molecular analysis of the regulation of nitrogen metabolism in plants
  • (5) The production of useful materials by microalga
Research content

We study to clarify relations between the microscopic information including gene and molecular structure of food materials and macroscopic information including the food production. We perform both the food production such as bread and noodle making and the evaluation of food materials, based on gene analysis, analysis of protein and glucide, and the other physicochemical analyses. Also, we try to elucidate the function of a plant and microalgae as food materials. Our laboratory's core competence is as follows:

  • (1) Bread and noodle making technique
  • (2) Chemical analysis(HPLC,GC/MS,LC/MS,SEM,DSC,FT-IR,ESR,NC analyzer)
  • (3) Plant tissue culture technology (callus, shootprimordia)
  • (4) Molecular biology techniques (gene manipulation, gene knock-out)