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Detail of Laboratories

Energy System Engineering Laboratory


Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Kazuki AKAMATSU : Associate Professor
  • Membrane Process
  • Gas Separation
  • Water Purification and Wastewater Treatment
  • Emulsification

Topics of research

* Silica membranes for gas separation and membrane reactors for hydrogen production
* Low-fouling membranes for wastewater treatment and MBR process
* Functional particles prepared by membrane- and/or microfluidic-emulsification technique
* Developing novel applications of membranes

Research content

Our research focuses on the membrane science and technology that can directly contribute to environmental, energetic, and QOL (Quality of Life) issues. Our interests extend from fundamental membrane science to technological applications, from polymeric materials to inorganic materials. Please visit and enjoy our website for further information.