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Detail of Laboratories

Bioresource Chemistry Laboratory


Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Regents professor

  • Katsuya ABE : Associate Professor
  • Microoganism
  • Biofluel cell
  • Biorefinaly
  • Bioactive compound

Topics of research

Production of useful materials and biofuel by photosynthetic microorganisms, Development of environmental remediation systems by aerial microalgae, Discovery of bioactive coumpunds from marine and terrestrial organisms and their identification of molecular mechanism for actions, Development of new biodevices using electrostatic layer-by-layer adsorption of biomaterials.

Research content

Photosynthetic microorganisms are the largest primary producers of biomass on the earth. Among such microorganisms, microalgae have very efficient biological systems for harvesting solar energy and producing various useful materials. Aerial microalgae, which were isolated from the surface of rocks in mountainous districts, could produce useful materials such as carotenoids, fatty acids, amino acids, proteins, and so on. Several strains were selected as high lipid-produces from them toward biofuel production. We have also developed environmental remediation systems using the microorganisms, for example, water purification system by photobioreactor and revegetation technology for greening wall surface. In addition to studying on the above-mentioned bioengineering by use of the microorganisms, our laboratory has examined isolation and characterization of bioactive compounds from marine organisms, higher plants, etc. for pharmacological applications and other industrial uses.