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Detail of Laboratories

Information Display Laboratory


Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Regents professor

  • Taiju TAKAHASHI: Professor
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Electronic Display
  • Optical Device
  • E-paper

Topics of research

Study of novel display modes for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and novel type of electronic display devices. Improvement of characteristics for conventional LCDs.

Research content

In our daily life, electronic displays for instance, TVs, mobile phones, monitors for PCs, and so on, are conveniently using. The visualizing information is quite important, and electronic displays have performed an important role in today's society. Furthermore, the electronic information data have been increasing in the world, and display devices have to correspond to that occasion.
In our laboratory, the study of LCD is a main topic. And, we are investigating a new type display device and attempting improvement characteristics of conventional display devices by experiments and/or computer simulations. And also, an alignment technique for LC molecules and an evaluation method of physical characteristics for the LC material are investigated.
And, electronic displays with a display memory function which can be applied using as an electronic paper, and, not only display devices but also optical devices are also investigated.