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Detail of Laboratories



Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Regents professor

  • Tetsuo SAKAMOTO: Professor
  • Surface Analysis
  • Aerosol
  • Organic LED
  • Organic Solar Cell

Topics of research

1. Development of Imaging Mass Spectrometer
* High Lateral Resolution
* Application to Aerosols, Industrial Materials
2. Fabrication of Organic Devices
* Electrospray Deposition Method
* OLED and Solar Cells

Research content

Our group have two research areas. One is instrument design and development of surface analsis. High lateral resolution imaging using a combination of focused-ion-beam and a time-of-flight mass spectrometer realizes both inorganic and organic species imaging down to 40 nm resolution. The other research is on organic electronics devices. A new fabrication method is devised and studied, named electro-spray deposition (ESD). The aim of this study is energy-saving through the fabrication process.