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Detail of Laboratories

Solid State Physics Laboratory


Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Regents professor

  • Takeyoshi ONUMA: Associate Professor
  • Wide Bandgap Nitride and Oxide Semiconductors
  • Quantum Nanostructure
  • Light Emitting Devices
  • Transistors

Topics of research

Studies on fundamental characteristics of wide bandgap semiconductors toward future realization of next-generation optoelectronic devices.

Research content

Demands are increasing to realize new energy sources for the earth, for the human race, and for the future! Development of next-generation optoelectronic devices may be a solution, e.g., replacement of general lighting by white LEDs is now saving the energy. As well known, tremendous efforts have been paid to pull up the emission efficiency of the LEDs at practical level, in which fundamental understandings in growth mechanisms and optical and electrical properties are included. Recently, we are focusing on the gallium oxide to realize high-power and high-voltage field-effect transistors. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our research topics.