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Detail of Laboratories

Particle Physics Laboratory


Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Regents professor

  • Kiyoshi KATO: Professor
  • Tetsuo SHINDOU: Associate Professor
  • Particle phyiscs phenomenology
  • Physics beyond the standard model
  • Flavor physics and unified theory of particles
  • Automation of perturbation in quantum field theory

Topics of research

Phonomenological approach to fundamental particle physics

Research content

The topics of the research projects in the laboratory covers:
-Neutrino Physics
-Phenomenology of the Supersymmetric model
-Flavour Physics
-Model building
-Particle Cosmology
-Unified theory
-Origin of the CP phases
-Higgs phenomenology
-Radiative corrections in SM and in MSSM
-Multi-loop integrals
-Automation of perturbation in QFT