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Detail of Laboratories

Electric Railway Systems Laboratory


Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Regents professor

  • Ryou TAKAGI : Professor
  • Electric Railways
  • Traction Systems
  • Scheduling
  • Power Supply Network for Railways

Topics of research

Optimisation of the Power Supply Systems for Railways, Application of Energy Storage for Traction Systems, Development of Simulation Tools for Railways, UCRT (Ultra-Convenient Rail Transport)

Research content

Our laboratory has concentrated on the research on various aspects of railway systems. One of the fields of our particular interest is the energy-related studies, in which various techniques to reduce energy consumption has been sought. Included herein is the application of energy storage ... The supervisor of the research group, Prof R Takagi, has been the project leader of two of the IEC standards for energy storage systems in railways (IEC 62864-1 and IEC 62924). Also, the group is now proposing UCRT (Ultra-Convenient Rail Transport), intended to revolutionise services provided by the railway systems through the combination of various techniques and closer integration of the subsystems of the railways as a whole.