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Detail of Laboratories

Wireless Communications Lab.


Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Regents professor

  • Hiroyuki OTSUKA : Professor
  • Mobile network
  • Heterogeneous network
  • Ubiquitous network

Topics of research
  • (1) Enhanced MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output)
  • (2) Wireless relaying
  • (3) Heterogeneous network design
  • (4) Eco/Green control
  • (5) Coordinate scheduling/Joint transmission
  • (6) Fiber-radio transmission
Research content

In mobile communications, Long term evolution (LTE) has been evolved worldwide as ultimate 3G service. Also, research on integrating LTE-Advanced into next generation mobile communication systems has been carried out, which is the one of candidates for IMT-Advanced (4G).
From these backgrounds, our researches aim to provide new transmission technologies for realizing LTE-Advanced and/or beyond LTE-A, such as network/collaborative MIMO to provide higher throughput, wireless relaying to improve cell-edge throughput, how to design heterogeneous network from the eco and diversified points of view, enhanced modulation and multiple access methods to provide higher throughput and higher capacity, and so on.

In the area of optical communications, optical fiber has been also introduced into mobile network backbone, especially in the link between core network and enhanced Node-B (eNB). So, we also target to build-up combined optical-wireless microcell system to facilitate broadband distribution networks. This includes how to transmit electrical signals over optical fiber to provide more flexible system along with from the transmission performance points of view.