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Detail of Laboratories

Media Signal Processing Laboratory


Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Regents professor

  • Hidetoshi SAITO: Professor
  • Information theory and coding theory
  • Communications and networks
  • Signal processing for data storage
  • Applied Combinatorics and Algorithms

Topics of research

1. Error correcting encoding and decoding schemes for communication or data storage systems
2. Signal processing schemes for mass storage systems
3. Neural networks for non-linear signal processing or pattern recognition
4. Optimum or suboptimum algorithms for statistical learning and prediction
5. Applied technologies for information compression

Research content

In the media signal processing laboratory, the research field for each theme is as follows. The first research field concerned with ``coding theory'' is targeted to develop the advanced coding and decoding techniques based on graph theory or algebraic theory for various communication systems including networks and data storage. The second research field concerned with ``signal processing'' is targeted to design element signal processing technologies for future ultra-high density magnetic recording system. The third research field concerned with ``neural networks'' is targeted to introduce the new neural network techniques for non-linear signal processing, or related to pattern recognition, machine learning and data mining. The fourth research filed concerned with ``optimal theory'' is targeted to formulate efficient algorithms for statistical learning or linear prediction for signal processing. The fifth research field concerned with ``information theory'' is targeted to apply information compression technologies in various multimedia contents.