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Detail of Laboratories

Intelligent Image Processing in Nano-science



Regents professor

  • Norio BABA: Professor
  • 3-D image processing
  • electron tomography
  • autotuning of an electron microscope
  • computer vision

Topics of research

Tomographic reconstruction unaffected by the missing data range problem
Development of an automatic and high-speed electron tomography system
Development of an autonomous system optimizing an electron microscopic optics such as focusing and alignment
Automatic segmentation of 3-D structures appearing in a tomogram
AI for electron microscopic image analysis
High precision 3-D surface structure reconstruction from a specimen tilt rotation image series taken with a scanning electron microscope

Research content

In electron tomography, with a new alignment method for a tilt series of specimen projection images, we have realized an online tomography for the first time. (S Tomonaga, M Baba, S Yamazaki and N Baba, Microscopy (doi:10.1093/jmicro/dfu021) 2014