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Detail of Laboratories

Image Processing



Regents professor

  • Seiichi GOHSHI : Professor
  • Super Resolution
  • Video Processing
  • Watermark
  • HDTV

Topics of research

Our current research field is mainly technologies based around Super-resolution and content security. Our Super-resolution algorithm is able to extend image and video resolution exceeding the Nyquist frequency. It is compact enough to mount on a single FPGA. We proposed a content protection method from reshooting a screen in a theater or a LCD by a camcorder and a digital camera. It uses difference the sensitivity of human eye and an image device for infrared ray.

Research content

In Gohshi laboratory, we are working mainly on image and video processing technologies for the future service. In particular, we are interested in how to improve the image and video quality and how to protect the copyright of video content.
Although our research fields are focused on fundamental technologies of image and video processing, our proposals aim for practical use as well. We believe the engineering technology should be researched on further, should be developed and should be embodied with our practical materials. The recent research topics of our laboratory include image and video Super-resolution, video coding, digital broadcasting and watermark.