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Detail of Laboratories

Cognitive Information Science Laboratory



Regents professor

  • Miyuki G.KAMACHI : Associate Professor
  • human multimodal processing
  • analysis of human motion
  • visual perception

Topics of research
  • We mainly focus on the following topics:
    ◆ Human visual processing on object recognition.
    ◆ Human Multimodal information processing, including visual-auditory interaction on face and voice, visual-haptic processing on recognizing objects
    ◆ Biological motion analysis and its application
    ◆ Human system on learning and memory
Research content

When we communicate with others, we perceive our own environment multimodally. For example, others' emotional states are validly perceived from their facial expression,utterance content spoken, and attributes such as age/gender. These human abilities can be useful for developing communication tools on study of robots and images in near future. In our laboratory, we investigate human function of information processing on communication, utilizing psychophysical experiments and statistical analyses of obtained data.