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Detail of Laboratories

Intaractive Media Laboratory



Regents professor

  • Daisuke KITAYAMA: Associate Professor
  • WWW and Databases
  • Data Mining
  • Recommender Systems
  • Analysis of User Interaction

Topics of research

Geographic information database. Serendipity Oriented Recommender Systems. Information Retrieval based on User's Intention.

Research content

Have you ever experienced an unexpected encounter, such as “a trip that changes your sense of value" or “become a fan of a certain musician in spite of you“?
In this world, contents that become unexpected encounters surely may be hidden in the database of various contents such as books, movies, goods, Web, geographical information and so on.
The application of the database is roughly divided into two, information retrieval which you search for information, information recommendation which the system presents information to you.
This laboratory combines these two approaches and is working on the development of media that interactively provides "new encounters".