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Detail of Laboratories

Human Science and Informatics for Assistive Technology Laboratory



Regents professor

  • Yuji NAGASHIMA : Professor
  • Human Interface Technology
  • Sign Linguistics Engineering
  • Assistive and Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Development Disorder

Topics of research

Study on linguistic analysis, notation system, and automatic synthetic of the 3D animation of the sign. Construction of screening Test for Visual Perception skills on children with developmental Disorders.

Research content

Sign Language is a visual language that uses a system of Manual Signals and Non-Manual Markers as the means of communication. Different from spoken language, sign language has no widely used notation system. Our goal is to construct a system that can automatically generate animation of translated sign language from spoken Japanese. We propose an NVSG element model, a hierarchical morphological description method that can describe the sign language structure. As a result of descriptions using this method, it is to visually grasp the hierarchical structure of morphemes on a linguistic level. We are proceeding with a further study on how to synthesize new words that are not found in the current dictionary by taking advantage of this morpheme dictionary described using NVSG elements. In addition, we Construct of screening Test for Visual Perception skills(STVP) on children with developmental Disorders. This system is setting for detecting the child's weakness of visual perception.