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Detail of Laboratories

Preservation and Conservation Design



Regents professor

  • Osamu GOTO : Professor
  • Historic Preservation
  • Wooden Vernaquler Building
  • History of Japanese Architecture

Topics of research
  • @Preservation and Disaster Mitigation Planning for Historic Buildings and Districts,
  • AHistory of Japanese Architecture,
  • BSustainable Development for Vernaqular Wooden Buildings
Research content

Many historic buildings and vernacular buildings are demolishing in Japan. Our laboratory investigates how to preserve historic buildings and districts in Japan. Also we study how to use traditional workmanships of Japanese vernacular wooden building in the sustainable developments. By the offering of local governments, owners and etc. we research historic and architectural value of building and district, we make policy, strategy and planning of historic building and district for preservation and disaster mitigation, we restore and rehabilitate historic building with N.P.O. and developement company. In resent few years we have some research projects make some proposals in Masuda district of Yokote city in Akita Prefecture, Maesawa district of MInami-Aizu town in Fukushima prefecture, Kamijyo district of Kosyu city in Yamanahi prefecture, and Hachiman district of Gujyo city in Gihu prefecture.