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Detail of Laboratories

Urban Design



Regents professor

  • Yasushi NOZAWA : Professor
  • design guideline
  • design workshop
  • master plan
  • post-disaster rehabilitation

Topics of research
  • 1) studies on method and technique for urban planning
  • 2) urban design and community design studies
Research content

It is very important that areas (housing areas, commercial and buisness areas, mixed areas) have there future vision in common and succeed to it. The areas should have there future vision before they make concrete tools for regulating and guide building shapes. To have the areas' future vision leads to survive in the era that the population decreases.
Our research activities are based on such standpoints.

  • 1) studies on methods and techniques for urban planning
    - methods how to design city master plans
    - city master plan with viewpoints for rehabilitation after big disasters
    - rehabilitation plans for stricken areas in East Japan Big Earthquake through charette design workshops in Ishinomaki City and Noda Village
    - residential environment standards in housing master plans
  • 2) urban design and community design studies
    - design guidelines in normal housing area (with no characteristic context) through a case study in Hon-cho area, Nakano-ku
    - re-development of redevelopment area through a case study in Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
    - apartment renewal project and community design arround it through a case study in Kami-takada, Nakano-ku
    - community design in the area with historical context through a case study in Naka-cho, Hachioji City