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Detail of Laboratories

Disaster Prevention and Security Planning



Regents professor

  • Masahiro MURAKAMI: Professor
  • Urban
  • Disaster
  • Planning/Disaster
  • Education/Emergency
  • Drill/ICT/IoT

Topics of research

Disaster Mitigation of Urban area
Education and Training to Development of Disaster Response Literacy
Disaster Mitigation using ICT/IoT

Research content

In order to make safe and secure "city" we live, we are required to find the weaknesses it has, and continue to improve them.
In various regions such as wooden house congested areas and central business areas, we are researching the town planning from the three viewpoints of “Mono-zukuri”; to make the city architecture and disaster-resistant, "Hito-zukuri”; to foster the people responsible for town planning, "Koto-zukuri "; to support community development such as through workshops and events.
In addition, since we are developing the system for effective town planning at our laboratory, you can master “Information and Communication Technology(ICT) ” -related knowledge.