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Detail of Laboratories

Abe Laboratory



Regents professor

  • Michihiko ABE: Professor
  • concrete
  • mix design
  • aggregate
  • durabirity

Topics of research

・Effective Usage of By-Product to Aggregate for Concrete
・Estimation of Durabirity of Reinforced Concrete Building
・Effective Methods for Mix Proportioning of Concrete
・Prediction of Bleeding of Concrete

Research content

Because the natural resources have been exhausted, effective usage of by-products is demanded for these years. In this laboratory, in order to use by-products, i.e. blast furnace slag, fly-ash, as aggregate for concrete or building materials, several experiments have been carried out for these ten years. As for blast furnace slag, bleeding tests, mechanical tests, and accelerated carbonation tests of concrete and mortar were conducted to compare with these of natural sand.
In order to estimate the durability of reinforced concrete buildings, the properties of concrete, i.e. compressive strength, carbonation depth, cored from Kogakuin university building after 50 years located in Hachioji, corrosion of reinforcement and cover thickness were investigated. In this investigation, useful data for durability of concrete and reinforcement will be took and the method of investigation of existing buildings will be proposed.