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Detail of Laboratories

Building Production



Regents professor

  • Masaki TAMURA : Professor
  • Building materials
  • Concrete
  • Building Construction
  • Environmental load Analysis

Topics of research
  • ・fundamental properties of environmental materials
  • ・durability of environmental materials
  • ・application of natural resource for building materials
  • ・evaluation of carbon footprint on building materials
  • ・lifecycle analysis and environmental benefit of building and construction
Research content

This labratory for environmental materials reserch has a member of over 15 master and bachular course students of school of architecture. The cirman of the laboratory is a member of fib commission 3 Environmental Aspects in Design and Construction of Concrete Structures, and he has contributed to develop some related document of Environmental Design and Sustainable Construction. Nowadays, The researches of developing Carbon-neutral building materials become main topics in the laboratory.