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Detail of Laboratories

Building Equipment



Regents professor

  • Tatsuo NOBE : Professor
  • Air-conditioning
  • Robust design
  • Passive design
  • Human factor

Topics of research
  • 1. Invention of next generation air-conditioning system
  • 2. Architectural equipment criticism
  • 3. Human multi-layer style
Research content

Why do we need architecture? Why is the residential area of Tokyo disorder? Why does the Japanese architecture have a short life? Why is the building equipment so complicated? Architecture is embodiment of the philosophy of a client and the designer, and it is a temporal projection. However, the architecture which life is short, and is not beautiful has the significance of existence each. They were never built against will. We want to study the origin of such an architecture in my laboratory. And we aim at the realization of the dignified architecture. Our study contents are not limited to air-conditioning system and are included in clothes and furniture and the building design.