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Regents professor

  • U YANAGI : Professor
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Particulate matter
  • Environmental microbiology
  • Allergen

Topics of research
  • a) Quantization of mold's growth characteristics on the hygrothermal material's surface.
  • b) The reduction measure against microbial contamination in air-conditioning systems.
  • c) Proposal of the reduction measure on mold contamination in flood houses.
  • d) Quantization of the mold allergen and mycotoxin in indoor environment.
  • e) Health building.
  • f) The measure against microbial contamination of a humidifier
  • g) Assessment of the removal performance of an air cleaner

Research content

Prof. Yanagi is also a visiting researcher both of NIPH and Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo.
He has published more than 25 books included co-author, more than 40 Journal papers, more than 70 international papers (with review), and more than 200 national conference papers.
This laboratory's themes cover the whole field of indoor air quality.
Recently, study of this laboratory has focused especially on float and surface microbial contamination in various environment such as office building, hospital, social welfare facility, underground city, temporary house, flood house, etc..
Moreover, experimental study on the evaluation of the removal efficiency of the air bacteria, fungus, and virus by an air cleaner, and the quantization of mold's growth characteristics on the hygrothermal material's surface is also being conducted.
Furthermore, research of the mycotoxin, mold allergen, DNA analysis of microbes, which is the latest theme of indoor air quality in recent years, is being conducted.