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Detail of Laboratories

Building Equipment



Regents professor

  • Toyohiro NISHIKAWA : Professor
  • Building Equipment
  • Thermal environment
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Municipal solid waste

Topics of research
  • 1.Survey and study on waste collection points at buildings.
  • 2.A Study on Seismic Retrofit and Renovation of Building Equipment and Non-Structural Elements.
  • 3.Seismic Risk Management of the Building Equipment Function for BCP.
  • 4.Experimental Study on Thermal Characteristics at a building Windows.
  • 5.Environmental evaluation of Resource recovery for Municipal solid waste recycling and separation.
Research content

Research fields of our Laboratory is architectural environmental engineering, Seismic Risk Management and environmental evaluation of Resource recovery for Municipal solid waste.These research topics related to Environmental urban design are being investigated by a team of students