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Preservation and Conservation Design



Regents professor

  • Shiro OUCHIDA: Associate Professor


  • Modern Architecture
  • Historic Buildings
  • Preservation and Conservation
  • Railway Architecture

Topics of research
  • History of Modern Architecture
  • Theory and Practice of Preservation and Conservation Design
  • Preservation and Conservation Design of Railway Architecture
Research content

In recent years, preservation and conservation design maintaining existing historic the structures and components and utilizing them has become very important. The target properties are broad from World Heritage and important cultural properties in Japan to renovation of historic houses. Techniques and approaches vary greatly as well. In order to effectively utilize the existing historic structures and components, practice based on clear theory is needed. In such a situation, first, we examine the overall history and culture of the city and architecture and investigate the supporting theory. Then, we look at the actual design method and spatial composition used to embody the theory. We think about preservation and conservation design from both aspects of theory and practice.