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Detail of Laboratories

Fujiki Studio



Regents professor

  • Ryumei FUJIKI: Professor
  • Environmental Architecture
  • Experimental Architecture
  • Algorithmic Design
  • Plastic Architecture

Topics of research

Design of The Nature-oriented Architecture

Research content

Ryumei Fujiki has a great interest in nature, especially the advanced system of nature.
He is studying on various research forcuses at Fujiki Studio of Kogakuin University,
specializing in environmental and experimantal architecture as follows:

1. Design of Solar Architecture (Architecture as Plant)
2. Form-Finding in relation of Air Flow (Architecture as Windpipe)
3. Design of Fluid Form Architecture (Architecture as Fluid)
4. Design of Folding Architecture (Architecture as Topography)
5. Advanced Geometry of Architecture (Architecture as Mineral)
6. All Plastic Architecture
7. Seed Programming ( Planning theory as Artificial Life )