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Detail of Laboratories

Architectural Planning and Design



Regents professor

  • Kentaro SAKAINO: Associate Professor
  • Facilities Planning
  • Living Environment
  • Housing and Environmental Design
  • Regional Planning

Topics of research

Building a sustainable society in local communities.
Environmental improvement of learning places of the special support education schools.
Formative process of architectural planning and living environment of sanatoriums for Hansen's disease.
Structual analysis of local community and human network.

Research content

Architecture exists wherever human exist.
Architecture makes an essential form never separated from human life and activities.
The quality of architecture influences the quality of the human life as represented in the fact that good spaces, good circumstances and good environment make human feel pleasant.
We are engaged in the researches about architectural planning for making the living spaces for human more enriched and satisfying based on the practical and theoretical field work.
We consult on the research work setting much value on the attitude for making questions existed in social life, finding problems, and resolving them objectively and logically.