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Detail of Laboratories

Architectural Design, Community Design



Regents professor

  • Rikuo NISHIMORI : Professor

Topics of research

Research on architectural communication designing method

Research content

Decades after the world war II, Japan has reached maturity and continues to explore the direction to go. We have to reevaluate the value of the old one and create new value as well.
Due to changes in the conditions surrounding our society, such as population declines, an aging society, coexistence with increasing numbers of foreigners, the role required for Architecture is changing.
It is asked not only the pursuit of aestheticality and newness architecture alone, but also how to design the relationship with the town and people surrounding the building, and the environment.
Our laboratory conducts practical research and proposals based on concrete requests from local governments and local residents around the Kanto area.
The buildings and parks etc. we proposed in the laboratory are actually realized and we monitor the usage situation and so on.
We will also conduct installations and events as social experiments and learn together the pleasure and difficulty of manufacturing and creating space.