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Detail of Laboratories

Suzuki Laboratory



Regents professor

  • Toshihiko SUZUKI: Professor
  • Architectural product design
  • Mobile architecture
  • Architectural furniture
  • Nordic architecture and design

Topics of research

・A study on Architectural Product Design: Architectural furniture and Mobile architecture.
・A research on Nordic architecture and design: Total design.
・A research on the improvement of refuges using temporary shelter: Cardboard Shelter.
・A research on movable space: Tsubo Car.

Research content

A study on “Architectural product design”
“Architectural product design” is a design theory that we consider environment from relations between objects and spaces. So far, they tend to think like this: A city contains architectures, architectures contain interiors, and interiors contain furniture. However when we grasp anew the environment with humans, it reveals that a city exist between architectures and interiors exist between furniture. Therefore I determined Mobile architecture and Architectural furniture in the Architectural product design theory. The former is architecture that transforms environment into new one, and the latter is furniture that creates cozy space.