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Detail of Laboratories

ENDO Laboratory


Systems Design

Regents professor

  • Kazuyoshi ENDO: Professor
  • Yoshichika UCHIDA: Professor
  • Building Economics
  • Building System
  • Building Construction
  • Construction Project Management

Topics of research

Fact-finding in various building production systems.
Study on design of public procurement systems.
Evaluation of the environmental load in construction process of buildings.
Development of project management techniques corresponding to new technologies such as the IT.
Development of facility management techniques in consideration of various risks.
Trend research of financial affairs and corporate strategies of world influential construction companies.

Research content

In modern society, very complicated factors are related to realize buildings and running the construction company. The existing project management and construction industry management must fit the movement of the construction market from Japan Europe and North America to Asia, South America and Africa. On the basis of such present conditions, the study domain of the Kazuyoshi Endo laboratory aims at fusing in architecture, economics and business administration. Study methods introduce the latest knowledge and technique such as OR, social science, the humanities as well as engineering to affect construction.