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Graduate School Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Program
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Program

Aiming for developing technician plays an active role in chemistry related fields.

Major of Applied Chemistry consists oflaboratories of applied chemistry, environmental chemical engineering, and material sciences, in which students can study and research vigorously in extensive fields such as life, environment, energy and material development.
Our guidance for research/education goes into details and the result of research has been announced by the student himself at academic meeting in domestic and overseas.

Principles and Objectives

For human survival, it is required to have advanced material transformation technology that enriches human life and propulsion of biotechnology necessary for life/medicine/field of food,development of materials for environmental harmony, resources-saving and energy-saving technology, and also environmental system to live together with natural ecological system etc.
In major of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, we solve these important issues based on `chemistry' to develop technician/researcher who can challenge a step ahead of the ordinal field of expertise in a corresponding manner.

Educational Objectives(Develop the required talents)
  • As to solve important tasks stated in principles/objectives, you will acquire one of the practical major fields that consists of field of material transformation chemistry, field of biotechnology, field of environment material, field of resources-saving, and field of energy system saving.
    Also, you will extensively study other fields to acquire from expertise in basic chemistry to up-to-date technology. This is for developing technician/researcher possessing ability of exercising application skills underlying deep knowledge related to principles and rules of chemistry.
  • Not only to be an expert in one of the major field and study other fields extensively, but through research activity and having discussion with teaching advisor, you can develop advanced problem solving ability by understanding background of the subject, finding issues, analyzing, organizing, choosing research (experiment) method, development etc.
  • Through workshop and academic conferences, we improve your international communication and presentation skills.
  • Through research activity in research office and academic meeting,we develop talent who understands the importance of human relationship, establishes a system of co-operation and possesses leadership.
Research field
  • Field of life
  • Field of Organics
  • Field of inorganic/metal
  • Environment/System field
  • Field of System
Curriculum System

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