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Acquire solid technical skills and creativity for beautiful living environment through graduate school studies.

The mission of Major of Architecture is to develop socially-committed architecture, urban designer and technician through the study of major field, related to creating and maintaining life and living environment of city and architecture in advanced and complicated modern society.To develop the ability of designing, planning that is rich in originality, advanced skills, expertise in wide range and communication skills, our education is offered with number of professors and facilities in Hachioji and Shinjuku. The education also offered that makes most of conveniently-located Shinjuku campus.In line with the global demands, Major of Systems Design offers courses in extensive fields, from up-to-date technology to management and communication skills.Also, our education system offers and highly considers training for practical skills for finding subject and solution.Our students in graduate school received number of prizes at planning competition, and we are also active external activities, international exchange and research presentation in overseas.

Principles and Objectives

Architecturally, it is a big task to create and maintain comfortable and safe living life. However, new problems and tasks such as decreasing birthrate, aging society, information society, globalization, ethics of architectural engineers, have been piled up in recent years.As to solve these issues, we aim at acquisitions of skills, advanced expertise, and broad views related to architecture, and develop internationally-minded talent.

Objectives of Education (Talent needs to be developed)

    Major of Architecture consists of educational system that has humane study/sociology or artistic aspects as well as engineering, with the background of the education in department of architecture and department of architecture and urban design in undergraduate study.

  • We aim for developing urban designer, technician, and architects who can discuss, communicate with others including general citizen, have thinking ability and creativity for self-expression.
  • We cultivate practical ability for planning and designing architecture/city/environment in response to various needs from society and take over our traditional architectural education.
  • We develop the ability to make appropriate architectural proposal with having global views and understanding characteristics of climate, its history and environmental conditions.
  • In addition to the past findings, acquire advanced expertise and develop ability to analyze extensively and solve tasks.
  • We understand the functions related to architecture and urban design and its social mission.
  • We understand the importance of sustainable society from the standpoints of environment, economy and society, and develop ability and knowledge to actualize it.
  • To realize architecture and urban development, we coordinate social and economical restrictions and conditions and develop management skills to integrate the process from planning to business.
  • We cultivate leadership ability to suggest own idea widely in society in collaboration with expert in different field and general citizen.
  • Through group work with professors and students, we continuouslystudy the methods of research and studies/planning.
Research field
  • Architectural planning,Architectural layout,Architectural design,Architectural history,Design theory,Residential design,Conservation Recondition Restoration

  • Urban planning,Urban design,Environment design,Landscape planning,Maintenance in urban areas,Disaster and crime prevention in urban areas,Town-planning

  • Seismic engineering,Structure design,Earthquake disaster prevention,Ligneous structure,Reinforced concrete construction,Steel structure,Various structural engineering

  • Planning of construction method,Building production,Building economics,Building materials,Building and environmental engineering,Building facilities engineering,Architectural acoustics,Architectural acoustics

Curriculum System

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