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Major of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Our study and research progresses with targeting at field of energy that supports the foundation of modern society, measurement, field of control, field of information/communication, and field of electronic device.We highly consider research guidance and through which making efforts to develop independent thinking ability, problem discovering ability and problem solving ability.

Principles and Objectives

The technology of electrical/electronics engineering has been supporting Japanese industry and played a big role for its development.In recent years, while enjoying the accessibility in information society, we are facing new grave tasks such as global warming and energy issues.For living in this era, it is necessary to develop talent possessing broad views to support society and having advanced expertise.The curriculum of this major consists of basic subjects to deepen your knowledge acquired in undergraduate study and numbers of expertise subjects to learn field of advanced expertise.In addition, we highly consider research activity and making efforts to develop skills of self-thinking, problem-discovering, and problem-solving.

Educational Objectives(Develop the required talents)
  • We develop talent possessing broad knowledge in related field and deep knowledge in major field.
  • We develop practical talent possessing skills of thinking, problem discovering and problem-solving, through research activities.
  • Through actively involving in academic meeting in domestic and in overseas, we develop your presentation and communication skills to work globally.
  • In addition to application skills corresponding to the world trends of new technology,we develop talent possessing broad views and unremitting self-learning attitude.
Research field
  • Field of Energy Conversion
  • Field of Measurement/Control
  • Field of Information / Communication
  • Field of Electronic Devices
Curriculum System

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