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Aiming for engineer equipped with business sense of management

Economy is globalizing rapidly. The world is progressing with remarkable revolution. Society is demanding not just skillful technician but with management and global skills.In line with the global demands, Major of Systems Design offers courses in extensive fields, from up-to-date technology to management and communication skillsAlso, our education system offers and highly considers training for practical skills for finding subject and solution..

Principles and Objectives

In accordance with the trend of economic globalization, the demand of global engineer having interpersonal skills, such as management, communication and creativity, has been rapidly increasing.As a core supporter in technical oriented country, it is urgently needed to develop technical leader possessing sense of working globally, broad views, sense of ethics, success consciousness, and also managers with technical skills.With responds to such a demand,major of systems design targets to develop an enterprise leader equipped with deep knowledge and application skills in principles and rules of engineering related fields and great sense of management.

Objectives of Education (Talent needs to be developed)
  • We develop talent equipped with deep knowledge of principles and rules in engineering related fields and application skills.
  • We develop talent equipped with knowledge and acknowledgement related to the fields (technical management, intellectual property, management etc.) for broadening the view and advanced operation skills.
  • We develop technician/researcher equipped with the ability to set and verify documentary records, site inspection, and hypothesis, and also to analyze technical issues, set tasks and get to solution.
  • We develop technician/researcher equipped with social/interpersonal skills such as communication and leadership skills to work globally.
  • We develop technician/researcher performs social duty and equipped with technician ethics.
Aiming for accreditation of JABEE (Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) for graduate school education.)

Graduate school also requires quality-guaranteed education as well as research ability.Major of Systems Design aims for receiving accreditation of JABEE in graduate school with the following reasons.

  • Strong request from industrial world
    68% of the major enterprise agrees with the quality-guaranteed education in master's course, whereas 2%, even including small-toIt shows that society started to evaluate educational institutes. We expect this accreditation would be an advantage for students' job searching.
  • Even in graduate school, it is duty of educational institute to guarantee results of the study.
    `It is natural that educational institute guarantees quality of the education (especially results of the study of master degree holders)', this recognition has been rapidly spread internationally.By receiving external evaluation as JABEE, we will be evaluated by high-level and internationally credible evaluation.
  • Prevent decline in educational quality and improve quality
    Following with an increase in quota of students in graduate school, there is a trend of decline in students' performance.It is pointed out that the setting of educational objective and evaluation of achievement is ambiguous and not so much different from the conventional forms of elite education.JABEE highly considers the importance of the setting of study/educational objective and evaluation of achievement.

Curriculum System

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