The ISAT-20 (The 20th International Symposium on Advanced Technology) will be held by online from November 23 to November 24, 2021. Presentations will consist of three categories, several keynote lectures, oral presentations, and lightning talk sessions. Prizes will be awarded for the best presentations, especially for students. The International Advisory and Organizing Committee hope all registrants will present a paper, but acceptance of papers will be at the discretion of the committee.

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1. Theme

Advanced Technologies for SDGs
Topics of ISAT-20 include, but not limited to:
 1. Biochemistry and Food Science
 2. Synthetic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry
 3. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
 4. Energy and Transportation
 5. Advanced Functional Materials
 6. Architectural and Civil Engineering
 7. Intelligent and Secure Systems
 8. Education and Human Studies
 9. Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
 10. Simulation Science, Measurement Science, Computational Science
 11. Electric Engineering and Electronic Engineering
 12. Mechanical Engineering

2. Important Dates

 Deadline of Registration for Presentation  Oct. 15, 2021
 Deadline for Submission of Abstract  Oct. 22, 2021
 Notification of Acceptance  Oct. 30, 2021
 Congress Date  Nov. 23-24, 2021

3. Registration Information

Participants have to make Registration through “Registration“ form website before submitting abstracts. After completion of the registration, please login to your page and submit abstract.

4. Abstract Guidelines

 Presentation Type  Submission Paper  Deadline
 Keynote Sessions  Abstract 1page (maximum length 6Pages)  Oct. 22, 2021
 Oral Sessions  Abstract 1page (maximum length 6Pages)  Oct. 22, 2021
 Lightning Talk Sessions  Abstract 1page (maximum length 6Pages)  Oct. 22, 2021
1. MS-Word Format will be able to download by clicking on the button below.
 The details will be shown in the format.
2. All submissions must be through website below after registration.
3. The paper should be submitted with both PDF-file and MS-Word file.
4. The length of the paper is basically within one (1) page, and the maximum length is six (6) pages.
Deadline for the submission is October 22, 2021.

5. Presentation Guidelines

 Presentation Type  Presentation Time
 Keynote Sessions  35 minutes (LIVE)
 Oral Sessions  15 minutes (LIVE)
 Lightning Talk Sessions  5 minutes (pre-recorded)
Live Keynote and Oral Presentations Sessions:
The time allocated to each presentation will be:
  ■Key-note: 35 minutes talk and 5 minutes for discussion
  ■Oral Session: 15 minutes talk and 5 minutes for discussion.

Lightning Talk Sessions:
5 minutes pre-recorded presentation will be open to the conference website.
The presenters are required to communicate with attendees via online.

The part in red was updated on Oct. 26th.

6. Tentative Program Schedule

November 23 : Opening, Keynote Session, Oral Session, interactive Session
November 24: Keynote Session, Oral Session, Interactive Session, Awarding and Closing
 November 23  November 24
 12:00(JST) Opening  12:00(JST) Keynote Session 3
 12:30(JST) Keynote Session 1  12:45(JST) Keynote Session 4
 13:15(JST) Keynote Session 2  13:30(JST) Oral Session 2
 14:00(JST) Oral Session 1  15:45(JST) Lightning Talk Session2
 16:45(JST) Lightning Talk Session1  17:00(JST) Closing and Awarding
Language: English will be the official language during the conference.
Sponsored by
 Kogakuin University of Technology and Engineering

Co-Sponsored by
 Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
 The University of Danang - Danang University of Science and Technology
 University of the Philippines
 University of the Philippines Los Banos

7. Contact

For all inquiries, please contact via e-mail.
Dr. Hiroki Nagai (Kogakuin University)
1-24-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8677, JAPAN