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Student life Student Projects

We support our students' creative activities. We invite students to submit "Student Projects" to enhance the students' creativity and encourage their growth as human beings.

Kogakuin University designates independent production activities initiated by students as student projects and offers facilities and support for activities fees. Many students cross the boundaries of faculties and department to work on interdisciplinary projects, allowing them to develop their technical skills and creativity while making important achievements in various contests and exhibitions.

  • Kogakuin Univ. Robot Project

    Kogakuin Univ. Robot Project

    Students design and build robots in the hope of competing in, and winning, the ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest, in which people from various AsiaPacific countries and regions participate.

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  • Birdman Project: Wendy

    Birdman Project: Wendy

    Students design and build handmade human-powered airplanes in the hope of entering them in the Japan International Birdman Rally.

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  • Student Formula Kogakuin Racing Team

    Student Formula Kogakuin Racing Team

    Students design, and build formula cars in the hope of entering them in the Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan.

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  • Solar Car Project

    Solar Car Project

    Students design and build carbon bodied solar cars in the hope of entering them in overseas competitions.

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  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Project

    Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Project

    Students design and build electric cars and fuel cell powered vehicles. Their goal is to win one of the top prizes at the Japan Electric Vehicle Festival.

  • Firefly-Breeding Project at Hachioji

    Firefly-Breeding Project at Hachioji

    Students are currently working on breeding fireflies from larva, with the ultimate goal of propagating fireflies naturally on the Hachioji Campus.

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  • CanSat Project

    CanSat Project

    This project involves building an ultracompact satellite. The goal is to build and launch a satellite in the future.

  • CanSat Project

    ECO Project


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