Student Support Facilities


  1. Academic Support Center
  2. Health and Student Counseling Centers
  3. Libraries
  4. Job Search Support

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center was established to create an academic environment where students could study with greater joy and confidence. Focusing on the basic subjects that form the foundation of specialized learning at the university (math, physics, chemistry, and English), the center offers basic classes aimed at helping students organically connect subjects they may not have adequately studied at the high school level with the university’s course content. It also offers personal assistance by the center’s instructors who can address students’ individual questions.

Health and Student Counseling Centers

Health Counseling Centers are located at both the Shinjuku and Hachioji campuses to help students maintain their mental and physical health while on campus. In addition to providing first aid for injuries and sudden illnesses, these centers also act as health counseling windows where students can receive health-related advice. The Student Counseling Center enables students to talk with a counselor about various issues, including concerns about student life as well as concerns related to their mental health, friends, and family, and helps students find ways to address any issues they may be facing.


The libraries on the Shinjuku and Hachioji campuses have a combined collection of about 280,000 books and 2,500 journals. In addition, students can enjoy watching movies or listening to CDs in the individual booths in the adjacent AV libraries. Students also have access to the libraries of 13 affiliated science and engineering universities.

Job Search Support

Thorough job-hunting guidance and support is provided at the Job Stations, located at both the Shinjuku and Hachioji campuses. Furthermore, the Career Design Course, in which classes with different themes are provided in a series, is conducted for second-year students, and an internship program is offered for third-year students. Both help raise student awareness of potential job opportunities.

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